Addiction Treatment

Our providers have completed the necessary training to effectively treat and manage opioid use disorder with suboxone, buprenorphine/naltrexone. We are currently offering virtual appointments for patients in Arizona with the ability to book your appointment online and pay online.

Allergy Testing

*Due to coronavirus concerns, allergy testing will be unavailable. Immunotherapy is still available, call for more details.

We offer percutaneous allergy testing in people aged 5 and over. We selected allergens that are specific to Arizona and are known to be bigger triggers for allergy symptoms. Our environmental panel includes a total of 50 allergens.

Trees: White Alder, Arizona Ash, Fremont Cottonwood, Arizona Cypress, Siberian Elm, Birch Mix, Juniper Mix, Maple/Box Elder, Hackberry, Mesquite, White Mulberry, AZ/Gambel Oak, Russian Olive, Pecan, Pepper Tree, Ponderosa Pine, Western Sycamore, Black Walnut, Arroyo Willow, Palo Verde

Grass: Kentucky, Orchard, Rye, Timothy, Bermuda, Johnson

Weeds: Baccharis, Cocklebur, Firebush/Kochia, Dock/Sorrel Mix, Scale/Atriplex Mix, Western Ragweed Mix, Lamb’s Quarter, Burweed Marsh Elder, Nettle, Rough Redroot Pigweed, English Plantain, Russian Thistle, Common Sagebrush, Alfalfa

Molds: Alternaria, Aspergillus, Bipolaris, Cladosporium Herbarum, Cladosporium Sph, Drechslera, Penicillium

Others: Cat, Dog, Horse, Mixed Feathers, Mite Mix, Cockroach Mix


After your allergy test, our provider will determine if you are a candidate for immunotherapy. Your allergy serum will be prepared using the results from your allergy test and from your reported and known allergy triggers.

All allergy serum is derived directly from the source from an FDA approved laboratory. That means immunotherapy is a natural treatment to help produce immunity to allergens.

Immunotherapy can be administered in 2 ways, daily drops under your tongue or weekly injections. Immunotherapy is a lengthy process and involves 2 phases, the build up phase and the maintenance phase. The build up phase can take anywhere from 15 weeks to 50 weeks. The maintenance phase is recommended for 1-2 years. The end goal is to have immunity to all of the allergens that are in your allergy serum.

Additional Services

We have partnered with FullScript to offer high-quality natural supplements to help you on your path to health and wellness. Scroll down to use the link below and go directly to their website, create an account.